Divorce Do’s and Don’ts

There are some rather dear cut rules that apply to every divorce. Pay heed to these rules and your divorce will be easier and less painful for all involved.

Have Reasonable Expectations. You will certainly be disappointed if you expect to “win” on every issue. Rarely is either party happy about every ruling in a case. Even the best rulings leave both parties somewhat dissatisfied. Encourage your attorney to give you a realistic projection of the outcome of your case.

Keep Communication Open With Your Spouse/Ex-Spouse. As long as you have children, you and your (ex-) spouse with have to work together. Your children will suffer to the degree that you and your former spouse cannot cooperate and communicate.

Get Professional Help To Deal With Your Emotions. If you have trouble with the hostility, anger, or depression that often occurs in divorces, do not hesitate to get counseling to help you through it. Use professional help to deal with your hostility. Do not use the court, your attorney, or the system to vent your anger; that would be counterproductive. A good counselor can help you, and your children, get through this difficult time.

Encourage And Support Visitation. If you are the custodial parent, you have a duty to encourage visitation. You must do more than just stay out of the way or leave the choice to the children. Encourage your children to see your former spouse frequently and to enjoy the contact. Never use support or visitation as a lever or bargaining chip in dealing with the other parent.

Give Your Children A Chance. The way you and your spouse handle your divorce will have an enormous impact upon your children. If you argue and fight, their problems and pain will be magnified. By acting civilly, you can help them through one of the most difficult events of their lives.

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Must Have for newly practicing attorneys

Florida Legal Secretary

Do you have someone guiding you there your legal case step by step ? If not you need to buy Florida Legal Secretary by Kathleen Hill. It is the most comprehensive guide you can buy and it is the solo practitioners best friend. It not only comes with priceless information. The companion CD contains well over 100 forms that are ready for use. I use it and it has helped my practice enormously.

Practical Legal Advice: Avoiding Repossession

In these tough economic times you may feel that when it comes to having your car repossessed you have run out of options and its inevitable. But even if you are behind on your car payments you can avoid repossession. While a creditor can act in any way allowed by Florida law, repossession is not always their first choice. In many, if not most, instances where a debtor is late on a payment, the creditor will attempt to collect payments instead of repossessing the collateral. In some instances you can negotiate with the creditor and resume payments without further damaging your credit.

This not meant to replace consultation with a lawyer while this information is provided by Carolyn R. Jones a licensed Florida attorney to protect your rights you should always confer with an attorney which is a important decision not to be taken lightly.

Practical Legal Advice: Modifying Child Support

If you’ve ever tried to modify a Child Support Agreement, it can be very challenging.The legal standard for the modification is a substantial change in circumstances. That means that whether you are trying to lower or increase your child support payments you must demonstrate that things have changed a great deal and a decrease or increase is merited. Once you decide to file for a modification you will need to file a petition in court. You can get all the necessary forms at flcourts.org this is the Florida supreme court website. These forms come with instructions and are easy to fill out and are available for free. You can also call your local attorney for Pro Se help these services are available for a fee however, these fees are less than those for full legal services.

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